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This Is How a Minimalist Decorates

· Interior Design
There's nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly spruced space, #amirite? While science suggests messy people are smarter, studies have shown that women who live in cluttered environments are likely to have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. We're all too familiar with that feeling. For those of us who lead busy lifestyles, keeping our homes clean requires daily diligence—these brilliant cleaning hacks will help—but we have a better idea. Become a minimalist. Paring things down to the basics and ditching the superfluous can do wonders for your sanity, not to mention it looks super sophisticated and sleek. From feminine minimalism to laid-back luxury, this simple approach to interior design is one of our favorites. But just like the no-makeup makeup trend, it's not as simple as it looks. If you've been a longtime fan of the look but are unsure about how to get started, our step-by-step approach will help you kick things off.
Look around: What do you see? If it's anything like our surroundings, there are piles of paper (mostly bills and junk mail), car keys, shoes around the front door, empty cups, sunglasses, and random objects that somehow made their way from your child's school bag and onto the kitchen counter. And that's just the beginning. The dining table is another surface that tends to be a clutter magnet.
If you truly want to embrace the minimalistic look and feel, these need to be cleared, stat. Ask yourself what can be eliminated, what can be stored out of sight, and what items aren't essential; then organize according to priority. Be consistent with this process, and come back to each room every few months with a fresh set of eyes. You'll find there's more you can simplify each time. To make sure your surfaces stay clear, give everything a special spot, and stick to it.
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